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Logan Metcalf and Anthony Crislip | Week 3 VIP | August 2020

This month, our Week 3 VIP(s) are Akron Indie Film Makers, Logan Metcalf and Anthony Crislip. They talk about a couple of films they made in Akron, including Hammy, Feast of Fools, and Quick and Dirty. They also discuss how they deal with the limitations of being local indie filmmakers, being a little too ambitious,Continue reading “Logan Metcalf and Anthony Crislip | Week 3 VIP | August 2020”

Oliver Tree, Taylor Swift, & Mo Turk | Perfect 5th | July 2020

It is one of those funky months that has five Thursdays. You know what that means! Music! We talk about Oliver Tree’s new album, Taylor Swift’s spontaneous drop of Folklore and her departure from mainstream pop, and even play you Mo Turk’s new track, Notorious, that he teased during our Re-Week 3 VIP interview withContinue reading “Oliver Tree, Taylor Swift, & Mo Turk | Perfect 5th | July 2020”

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