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My Process

I have zero formal training in editing, music, film, or anything of the like. Everything I know how do to came from a combination of self learning, clicking buttons, and YouTube videos. That being said I think that I am not as good as I probably should be, but I know I am still learning.Continue reading “My Process”

Have Unique Opportunities Come From the COVID-19 Pandemic?

We can all agree that the coronavirus sucks, right? If life was a sport, I don’t think anyone would be bustling to their computers to buy themselves a “team covid-19” jersey. Anything that involves thousands and thousands of people dying, families being distraught, and people put in financial woes is a negative for the historyContinue reading “Have Unique Opportunities Come From the COVID-19 Pandemic?”

More on Capone

If you have had the pleasure of listing to our Second Week Cinema, then you are aware that Capone earned our first “not feel’en it”. That pretty much sums up the movie for me in a nutshell. I think the efforts of Trank would have been to give us a movie that thoroughly explored thisContinue reading “More on Capone”

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